Monday, 31 October 2011

Einstein Lip Therapy - Review

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I am in love with these cute lip balms, especially now it's winter, and you need to keep your lips moisturized. One is a hydrating cream (pink) and cooling relief (red). The hydrating cream has vitamin C beads in. These beads are very small, and they rub into the lips well. It is a very cream and very lightly scented. It has a horrible taste when used alone. The cooling relief cream is just like a normal lip balm. It has vitamin A and E.  It is more strongly scented. 

These are duo creams though, and this may annoy people that want to quickly put some balm on. You have to use them both (hydrating first, and cooling after) If you put the cooling balm on by itself, you do get a tingly sensation, and for me personally, felt rather uncomfortable. These are very good, but only if use them both, and you do get the benefits. My lips feel a lot more nourished after using them. You get a natural colour as it doesn't contain any tint or colour in the product.

I don't feel these benefited my lips in the long term, but once you apply them, they keep your lips hydrated for a good few hrs.

-C xo

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