Sunday, 6 November 2011

Home comforts

I'm going away from my normal make-up reviews, and doing something about my flat! Here's a few things I LOVE in my flat, and it will show you my home tells you a lot about me.

(Amazing song, check it out!)

I adore this canvas. I'm a big fan on art, and ofc, I am from London. I saw this when I was on a college trip, and fell in love with it. This was just after I moved into my flat, and I wanted to make this home my own. This picture reminds me of London, and my family. 

This is a candle holder. I was on holiday in Cornwall with my family, and I found this gorgeous heart work of art in a hand-made shop (this was just after doing wire work at college). I loved it, but decided to not get it...Months later, it got to x-mas, I opened one of my gifts, and there it was! My parents went back and got it for me. This reminds me of my holiday, my family, and also my love for art.

Another canvas! I'm very found of black and white, with a hint of colour photography, and, also it's a Vespa! In case you didn't know, I own a motorbike/scooter. I grew up with them since a young age. My dad has been riding since he was 17, and now he's 60+ it's been a long time!

This was a recent gift from my family. I wanted a place to put all my special pictures, and they bought me this arty frame. I've yet to put my own pictures in, but I have so many special memories I duno what to put in there.

Another candle holder! This is beautiful on a winter night, to just have it lit, a glass of wine, and a cuddle with a certain someone. It's another representation of my love for art! When I was looking for things to put in my flat, this caught my eye straight away.

This is the only bit of art in my bedroom. My best friend and her fiance gave it to me as a house warming gift! It's very beautiful and the colours fit in with my room perfectly.

Sooo, that's bits and bobs around my flat that I love. Unfortunately, I'm going to be moving soon, so who knows, I may have a part2 to add to this post.

-C xo

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