Wednesday, 28 December 2011

DIY time!

Recently I've been very creative, and I thought I'd share these tutorials with you lovely people.


Christmas snow globe;

Cord bracelet;


Wrap bracelet;

(You need 3 yards of ribbon and 2 dozen gold beads. Cut the ribbon into 3 equal lengths. EDIT: Standard bracelet size is 7 inches so you’ll want it about 29 inches long in order to wrap 4 times.
Start by braiding about 6 inches of ribbon and then secure the end with a rubber band. Anchor the end with something heavy to hold in it place.
Start braiding in the beads by feeding the ball onto the middle strand and then tightly braiding the other two strands around it. Continue feeding beads onto the middle strand until you run out (I had about 25) or until there’s about 6 inches of ribbon left.
Finish with another 6 inches or so of braiding. Then clamp the ends with ribbon fasteners or just tie it in a knot.)
M'Stach T-Shirt;

Pencil necklace;

Rainbow canvas;

(Glue crayons to a canvas, take hair dryer and point at the crayon you want to melt... This made a great piece of art work.

-C xo

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