Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Home is where the heart is.

No, home is wherever I am with you.
But, I do like to make my home look nice, so here are some images of things in houses that I like, and will add to my new home...

Simple ways to hang your bags...?

For someone who loves fashion/bags, I think this is a great way of easily being able to grab a bag, make your room more personal and it looks gorgeous. You don't need a lot of money to decorate your room! Just use stuff you already have.

I have LOADS of books, and I simply adore this idea! If you don't have enough room for a big book case, this is a nice way of stacking your books. You can easily organise the books so you can find the correct one, and it makes your room look more personal as well. 

This is amazing! I love the idea of using hangers to decorate things. This is very easy and you can add whatever slogan, or writing you wish.

These leaves are beautiful. They have a very autumn feel, but you can also makes stars, and other objects, thread them together, and decorate your room with them, It adds a pop of colour into a dull room. If you aren't allowed to paint your flat/room, these are a great way of adding your own personal touch to it.

Too much jewellery? Does it get easily tangled? This is a perfect way of sorting it out!

I don't have a lot of glasses, but I still love the idea of this. It's another way of storing things

This was taken off another blog, which would explain the writing.

Wine bottle, cotton wool, and glue is all you need to make these beautiful bottles.

This is especially good for this time of year when many people have drunk a lot. Make the most out of drinkin'? 

I love this vintage style rack! It's so cute.

Dream catchers and lights! This is a cute way of jazzing up lights.

Very cute! This is a relaxing atmosphere and the lights are calming for when you sleep

If you want cute, and to be creative. I'm definitely going to try this.

I really love the lighting. It is really calming and gives a holiday feel.

This is perfect for nature/cute lovers! Anyone would be lucky to have this.

Anyone could make these! All you need to do is make hearts, get some sticks and string. I want to make this mobile when I move out.

Another thing I love! I adore cute things and this is no different. You can use old light bulbs and make them into something gorgeous.

-C xo

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