Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Seeing as my camera is still broken, I'm having to post outfits another way, so here is my outfit today...

I have a thing for leather jackets, this one is no different.

Personally I always wear my unzipped up and just wear a big knitted scarf to add isolation.

I love maxi's right now! This one is perfect for winter, it's bright, and you can pair it with a lot of stuff in your wardrobe. 

It is cold, so I didn't wear this without layers underneath. I wore, skin coloured tights,  black leggings and knee high socks

This is a simple wardrobe classic! Every girl should have one of these in her closet,..I have about 5

This is a simple top you can wear, compared to the many varies you could pick from...But wearing this alone would get a lil too cold

I love the cobweb look with this knitted jumper.

Layer the black vest top with this and you'll stay a lot warmer and add a twist to the whole outfit.

Did I stay warm?

Did I feel comfortable?

Posting again soon.

-C xo

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