Monday, 26 December 2011

So this is belated Christmas...

So, it's nearly 6am. I've just finished baking some cupcakes, now sitting down, eating a bowl of Alpen and a nice cuppa. As you've probably guessed, my body clock is buggered...I realised I didn't post about Christmas Eve, Christmas or boxing day, so here we go!

I realise I have very few images of myself on my blog, so I thought I'd spam a bit of this post with images of myself...

Yesh, I have eyeliner on my face. ^_^
(Weird shadow)

Me messing around with red lipstick..I look rather scared in this picture as well.

This picture was taken a few hrs ago. I have my hair up, which means I'm ill. (I only have my hair up when I'm ill)

Again with the eyeliner....

Vodka mint and chocolate milkshake!!

Take 'sidekick' and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Put them in a bowl together, leave in the fridge overnight.
Take out the next morning.
Mix together and you have a yummy milkshake!
I've topped mine with grated chocolate.

What am I reading.....???

I'm half way through reading 'what's wrong with eating people' by Peter Cave. He's an amazing author. If any enjoys reading philosophy books I highly recommend this book. 



Don't ask me why, but I adore owls. They're amazing creatures. I love the fact that they have big eyes, and they're just very cute, but also wise.

Reviews soon......

Cheaper versions of benefit. Are they as good as the more expensive brand.

This amazing product!!!! I can't get enough of it.

-C xo

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