Tuesday, 24 January 2012


How to get gorgeous cheeks...

Start off with putting your blusher on, I use Accessorize's merged baked blusher (#5 sensation)

After that I put a blob of Benefits High Beam on my hand, and use my fingers to blend it into my cheeks to give a glowing natural shine.

Blusher and High Beam

You can also use things like;

Technic's High Lights is a cheap alternative to Benefits High Beam.

Avon colour trend chill out face illuminator.

Jemma Kidd,  Dual Illuminator Creme Highlighter and Shimmer Dust 

All these will give you a beautiful natural shine.

Left: Accessorize blusher
Middle: Benefits High Beam
Right: Avon Face illuminator.

I'm addicted to these!

Lunchtime snack! Even though I'm only 7 stone, I'm very healthy with what I eat. This was an amazingly simple jacket potato and salad snack.

-c xo

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