Monday, 30 January 2012

January Favorites!

I woke up this morning with amazingly smooth skin after last nights Super-moisturiser. (Check last post)

So, here are my Jan' Favorites;


Pink Cookie - Live Free

I'm normally not into changing perfume, but I LOVE this scent. I've only worn it 3 times though. I got it as part of a gift set for Christmas. It smells so fresh and beautiful, so I've decided I'm going to save it for spring. The gift set was nice, but it was full of sweet smelling perfumes, and I'm not into sweetly smelling ones. Scent is a very personal taste for everyone and This one is perfect. 

Lip Balm:-

In the past I've always used Nivea. The Nivea is more creamy, and I find takes longer to sink into the skin making it soft, and the Palmers is more 'Waxy,' and skins into the skin faster. Palmers has SPF15 while the Nivea doesn't. 

Lip Glow/Stick:-

I don't normally ware Lipstick, only on rare occasion. This is perfect on top of the Palmers lip balm.

Benefits Boi-ing. This is a little thick but leave it on top of your radiator and it becomes the perfect concealer. (I only use this under my eyes)

Nivea will be a lifetime favorite. 

Accessorizes baked blusher! Beautiful with prettyful butterflies. 

Cartoon Moi.

-C xo

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