Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Conventional Beauty;
Many people want to be unique, but they're so caught up on being conventionally beautiful. I've been on this site many years (though my 'joined date' says differently) I've seen many sob stories. All my life I was taught not to put people down, after all 'it's much easier to bring people down, than build them up.' Is it easy to avoid judging people due to their looks, I've heard ' you may have so and so, but at least you don't have/don't look like)...

We do suspiciously put down, to others and that starts off a cycle. For the last few days I've been reading a tumblr blog named 'stop hating your body' We all know everyone looks different, but in face we are all works of art.

People saying they want surgery, is that really better? NO. You need to retrain your mind, not your physical self, chances are, after you've had that surgery you'll find something else to pick at and want to change. You don't need thousands of friends, fb likes/comments to dictate that you are beautiful. Why would you want to be conventional beautiful, when you have your own beauty? No matter how much you dislike parts of yourself, never compare yourselves to other, just think you're beautiful.

The world's a stage, and the human race are the critics;
Picture yourself walking with people staring and judging you. Why do people judge someone for how they look? To look like everyone’s expectations, you’ll always loose. If the cover doesn’t look appealing, would you not read that book? The inside can be completely different than what you assume from the outside. 
Did you ever think that person has feelings as much as you do? Why can’t people just for once swallow their pride? Do you like people judging you the way that you do? Some people can’t afford brand name clothes to wear. People who wear all black might do so because it makes them feel comfortable. Though most people think this is wrong. If my pants sagged, do you think that I go out and steal? What if holes were in my clothes, would you automatically think I’m dirty? Some people aren't fortunate to have money but should we judge them? You could easily be in the same situation striving for money. A lot of judging goes on about weight. 
Why judge? We all have emotions. We’re all human. No matter what kind of clothes we wear, or size we are; we are equal. For judging someone what do you win? Judging people gets you nowhere fast. Acceptance is all we’re looking for in this world. When you love someone, you love them for who they are the good and the bad. You accepted them. Maybe if we had a lot more love, than hate, we wouldn't be like this. I know my thoughts why people judge, what are yours?

Our world;
Look at this world we live in. The world that we have created. This society is the result of our own complex life. This world has gone almost mad; there is such chaos and misery. The threat of war. We are conditioned, shaped, moulded by the environment, by tradition, by religion, by the solitude of our own illusions, our own imaginations, the solitude of our own aspirations, by health, by nationalism and so on. 
Unless we break through all this conditioning, we will go on as we have been for thousands of years. And so violence will go on, corruption, each one seeking his own fulfilment and pursuing his own ambitions-isolated and where there is isolation there must be conflict. What is the future of humanity? If the mind is limited by such a state of the brain, the future of humanity must be very grim. Humanity has taken a wrong turn.

These are my own personal thoughts. You may agree or not, but I won't apologise for how I feel, and neither should you.

-C xo

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