Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ann Summers Party *Adult word content*

Hey everyone!

So last night I went to an Ann Summers party. If you don't know what that is, an Ann Summers rep comes to the the hostesses house, and you play games (and can win prizes), you try on outfits and they show you the vibrators and let you taste the lube, literally. These parties are free, but the rep's spend money to come to your home, so please don't invite people who won't buy anything! It's just wasting their time. It lasted about 3hrs 30mins, but it didn't seem that long at all!


I love this dress! It's from Crafted at Republic.

So, what happens...

First of all we tried out tasting lube. Some were sickly, and some were rather yummy. The rep even commented saying she had lube on her pancakes. :P I loved the blackcurrant, it tastes just like blackcurrant jelly. The vanilla body paint was also yummy..She said you can use it as icing!

Next thing she showed us all the vibrators, and we learnt an interesting fact that when you have sex, guys don't hit your G-spot, they hit your D-spot. The G-spot is at an angle, so unless the guys penis is wonky, it won't hit it.

After that we played some games... I'll explain the games with the pictures at the bottom, but every rep is different and they do different things. After that we got to try the outfits on. I got nominated to try the 'head girl' outfit on. It was very sexy, well, all the outfits were.

Next we played another game, which had amazing prizes...

Finally we got the chance to order things.

Here's what I won:-

Story game!

This is the lolly I won in the reading game. The gave us the lolly, and read out a sexual story. every time we heard something to do with food, we had to pass it on. Whoever was left with the lolly won it, and it ended on me.

Underwear game

This is another game, we had to put BIG underwear on (3 pairs of knickers), put washing up gloves on, and eat a chewy sweet, once you finished the sweet, take the gloves off, and take the underwear off, but you have to take the bottom one off first. At the end we got this sample of the candy cock sweets.

Bingo game

 Whoever won, they won a box with these goodies in.

We had a game of bingo, and in case that doesn't sound sexual, we had to show out something every time we  crossed a number out, mine was, 'harder baby' Buzz Fresh is used to clean vibrators.

This is another prize I wont in the bingo game. This is a pink bullet vibrator. 

Sample of 'pussy rub'

Strawberry and Champagne massage candle. You burn the candle and use the wax as massage oil. This smells beautiful! I'm going to buy another one very soon.

Get your parties ordered!

-C xo

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