Sunday, 12 February 2012

Chocolate face mask.

Right at this moment in time, I have a chocolate face mask. It smells gorgeous, and it's very relaxing. I guess many people wouldn't really type and try relax at the same time, but I find it very soothing, so after it's dry I will tell you how it's left my skin. I have normal to dry (and sensitive) skin, an oily forehead, and this is meant to be hydrating and moisturising so hopefully it'll do my tired skin some good. 

My face is no dry, so time for the results! My face feels amazingly soft! It hasn't damaged my face at all, and my skin looks more fresh and hydrated. I have larger pores on my nose, and this gets rid of them, not completely but it does a good job of minimizing them. 

Picture time!:-

This is the wonderful product!

The actual product. It's thick and smells beautiful!

The product before it's dried.

Product drying! 

Finally dried. Time to remove!

I haven't got an after picture, but I have very soft skin. 

I think everyone guys and girls should try these! They're amazing and make your skin look gorgeous and awake again.

- C xo

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