Sunday, 19 February 2012

Face and Body Favorites.

These are my all time favorites!

Day cream:-

(Classic Nivea cream. I think everyone that has dry skin should use it. I know it's thick and can be a pain in the ass, but if you put it on and leave for 2-0 minutes before doing your make up, it stops your face dying out!)

Night Cream:-

(Superdrug's Vitamin E Night Cream. This cream is so amazing! I love it. It makes your skin amazingly soft and keeps it smooth all night long, which is perfect when you don't have time to moisturiser in the morning.)

Body Butter:-

(Palmers Cocoa Butter. This smells good enough to eat. It leaves your skin looking refreshed and soft. It's got an added bonus of Vitamin E, which is always a plus!)


(This is an amazing gel. If you've never tried gel before you should 100% try this. It's amazing and leaves your skin soft. It is amazing for people with dry skin.)


(Due to me not being able to use the light Aloe Vera spray, this is my back up! It seems to work just as well in a travel spray bottle. I know this is a babies product, but I love it! For anyone with sensitive skin baby products will be perfect for you! It also makes your skin amazingly soft extremely quickly.)

Body Lotion:-

(I honestly don't use this as much due to using the baby oil so much, but this is an amazing body lotion. It's got Vitamin E and A which is perfect for your skin.)

All these products are targeted at my skin which is classed as 'dry' and it's sometimes 'sensitive'. As you can tell I love Vitamin body/facial products.

Hope you enjoyed the post.
All these products I recommend to anyone with dry skin.

-C xo

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