Thursday, 2 February 2012

No piece of art, deserves a title.

This post has nothing to do with art btw! Just thought I'd be a little more creative with the titles (Though I should make it relevant)

I have so much love for this product it's unreal! Every other body oil I've got doesn't sink in straight away, apart from this one! Yes, I use baby oil. I think it's amazing and give you 'Baby' soft skin, without being at all harsh.

Trip to the doctors today ended up with this sickly tasting/smelling medicine! If you don't know what Aniseed is like, it's like Sambuca, if you don't know what Sambuca is like, it's like Licorice. Ewww! After the last time I got drunk, drinking 2 bottles of Sambuca and having my first hangover in 19 years, this is a horrible medicine for me to take.

I got this lovely Calvin Klein bra today! This isn't a 'sexy' bra, just a day to day use one that feels comfortable and looks nice.

I'm still feeling really sick, not even a cup of tea and Milkybar could make me feel better.

This is the beautiful detail on the dress I bought today! It's my friends birthday soon so can't wait to have an excuse to wear it.

Hope you're all keeping well!

- C xo

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