Friday, 3 February 2012

Times change.

It's strange. In high school I didn't even consider wearing dresses, shorts and skirts. I didn't wear make up. I didn't do my hair every day apart from brushing it. I never had a mirror in my bedroom. Now, I love dressed, shorts and skirts (only maxi though!) 

There are days I don't wear make up, even when I'm out. When I visit my Fiance, I never wear make up, today I decided now to wear any. I don't do my hair every day (though I never leave it natural) 

Times really have changed. In high school I didn't live alone, now I do everything myself. I never though I'd fall in love at 19, now I'm engaged!

Still loving the I Love... Chocolates & Oranges.

Breakfast! Tea and Blueberry muffin.

Can't wait to wear this dress! It's more a summer than winter dress. I love the detail on the back.

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