Saturday, 11 February 2012


My Saturday night is consisting of eating Lemon Sorbet and watching Doctor who, so I thought I'd do an update of shizzle!

Went to the White Rose Center in Leeds and got a yummy Cookie Cupcake from Millie's.
Unfortunately the icing messed up on the trip home! It was amazing. 

Went to Battle of the Bands at the Student Union. This is the only thing I have left from that night. 

People say students don't eat healthy...
(I realise I had a Cookie Cupcake on the post first!)

I'm currently shopping for maxi skirts. I can't wait for summer, and maxi skirts are amazing for those summer days that has a chilly wind. I realise I don't need anymore clothes and I'm meant to be saving, but a girl can dream!

-C xo

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