Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Beauty UK - Peaches and Cream Blusher

I mostly write reviews nowadays for items that I think are amazing, but this time it's completely the opposite!

Accessorize's Merged blusher - Top
Peaches and cream - bottom

This took sooo much time to get the colour on the swatch! I had to press my finger down very heavily on the product to get the colour. It is very poorly pigmented. I know this is a cheap product, but the £1 MUA products are cheaper and have better pigmentation than this product. It is a peachy colour - which just looks like fake tan on my cheeks rather than blush. 

I am very disappointed with this. I should have tried it rather than buying online but don't make my mistake!

I have bought some more products, about an hour ago, these are:-

Porefessional - I do have pores and I really want to try this product

Erase Paste - I want a concealer that I can use other than under my eyes. I only have boi-ing and Healthy mix concealer that doesn't leave my skin dry under my eyes but they don't work around my face.

Eyecon - This was just in the pack. It claims to lighten under eye circles, so if it does that great, if not it doesn't really matter to me!

-C xo

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