Sunday, 25 March 2012

Benefits Concealer and Moisturizer Review!

Benefit's Triple Performing Facial Emulsion 

£10 - £24
Facial Lotion
SPF15 PA + +
Tri-Radiance complex

What I think:-

I bought this when I went to buy my Boi-ing concealer. The women suggested it, as I have dry skin and she said it puts water back into the skin! I haven't actually used this in about 3 months! It didn't moisturize my skin enough before I put my foundation on - and my skin isn't that dry! It has a very strong scent and may cause irritation to your skin. I don't think it's worth the price. I use Nivea soft now, it's amazing and so much cheaper! I know it isn't SPF 15, but if you have an SPF in your foundation you're sorted! It comes in a thick glass bottle with ridges along the side which I assume it's meant to resemble water.

Boi ing industrial strength concealer


'benefit boi-ing, say good-bye to circles and shadows around your eyes with boi-ing. Our industrial-strength concealer camouflages those pesky "problems" without creasing, smudging, or wearing off.'

What I think:-

As you can see I've hit pan on this product! Don't let that fool you! It's a very thick concealer unless you put it on the radiator for a few minutes to make it more liquidish. I wouldn't put it anywhere than under my eyes and if I don't moisturize under my eyes it will dry my skin out! I have recently bought this again because it does cover them well, but you can still see some marks.  I'm shade 2 in this - they only have 3 different shades which is crappy! For an under eye concealer it's okay, but for the price it isn't. I recently bought it for £3-£4 and for that price I'm happy with the results!

-C xo  

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