Monday, 19 March 2012

Break time!

So, I've recently realised that I'm spending so much money on beauty items I don't need or use after I've reviewed it, so I've decided I'm going to buy a few more items/I'm waiting on a few more beauty items, and after that I'm going to try save.

I have everything I need

  • Day time foundation
  • Day time blusher
  • Night time foundation
  • Night time blusher
  • Lipstick for day and night
  • Eyeliner for day and night
  • Mascara I wear throughout the day and night

So, the items I'm still waiting on are the:-

  • NARS Multiple - Luxor - I bought this 2 weeks ago before I decided to go on a saving spree. I'm going to use this at night to go with my Mac dainty blusher, or swap it with my Benefit High Beam during the day. It's a beautiful pink colour so it will blend well with my skin tone.

  • NARS Duo Eyeshadow - Kalahari. This is going to be my day-to-day eye shadow. I think it's okay spending money on a product if you wear it all the time - I don't wear eye shadow at night so this will hopefully last.

  • John Frieda - 3 Days Straight. I'm basically buying this product in the hope it works and gives my hair a break from the heat. I've heard good things about it as well so fingers crossed!

I'm still lusting over these products, and if I save up my total (and over so I have my total), I'll get them:-

  •  NARS eye shadow -  Lhasa. I don't really wear eye shadow, but I think this eye shadow is beautiful and I really want to try it out - I'm still unsure because I doubt I'd wear it often.
  • Urban Decay - Dew me - Moisturising Setting Spray - I hate having to put a primer on in the morning, so a quick spray will do me just fine! It if moisturizes my skin all the better! I'm tempted to try Benefit Porefessional. I'm sold on buying this!
  • Topshop - Skin Tint. I really want to find a tinted moisturiser for them days I don't want to use a full foundation. I've heard good things but still unsure about spending that much money on it if it doesn't work

So, that's it for the make up part, next is the outfit part! St Paddy's day just came and gone, here was my outfit:-

I'm still in love with Aztec prints and this dress is beautiful! It is more fitted at the bottom and the top feels really comfortable. I bought it at Republic for £10 (on sale).

Hope you had a great Mother's and St paddy's day.

-C xo

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