Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Night.

Hello you lovely people. So, I'm still staying away from drinking, and going out - still getting horrible hot flushes, feeling tired and  sick. Today I received my items I won in the birthday giveaway, they cheered me up a bit, so  here they are:-

(This smells beautiful! It's a really summery scent. Lasted 6 hrs so far!)

(Sorry about the blurry image. This is more a stronger smell, when the smell goes settle it's beautiful. May get the full size bottle. I still love it. Lasted 6hrs so far!)

(Such a cute nail polish. It's kind of wasted on me, as I normally just use polish on my toe nails in the summer!)

(Can't wait to try this out! I've heard such good things about it)

(Smells beautiful. Shame it's a sample size. If it was bigger I'd try it a few times and see if it's good enough to buy again)

(Smells yummy, tastes yummy, high SPF. Going to re-buy this product.)

(Amazing shade for summer. Very hydrating and sexy.)

So, I'm currently doing a full beauty/Cosmetic list! That should be up when I get all the images, so if you want to ask me anything about them you can. ^_^

-C xo

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