Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mac vs. Accessorizes blush.

Mac Mineralized Blush - Dainty - £19
Accessorize's Merged Baked Blush - Sensation - £5

Mac left, Accessorize's right. 

For about 3 months, the only blush I've used is my accessorize's blusher because it's beautiful, got good pigmentation and leaves a beautiful shine to your skin. A few days ago I bought a Mac Mineralized Blush in a similar colour to my accessorize's blusher - but my accessorize's may have found a perfect match. I love my new mac blusher, though it doesn't have as much shine and it's a lot more natural with having less shine. They both last all day. They're great blushes for someone who is fair skinned. If you wanna cheaper option to Mac, go for accessorize's! 

Mac has a more natural colour but had a glitterish shine when the light hits it
Accessorize's has a more constant high lighting shine which is better for day time.

I think it's a win win for both of them!

Accessorize blush.

Mac Blusher

Left accessorize - Right mac

Left accessorize - Right mac.


  1. I prefer the accessorize one, plus the packaging is fantastic, super cute!

    1. The packaging is very cute and girly, though I wish it wasn't so bulky.