Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mini Mac, H&M and Bank Haul

Well, this is really a mini haul. I have 4 items to show you.

First off, H&M

I got this beautiful scarf today! I love it. It's got a beautiful floral print on it, and it's amazingly soft with an elegant flow to it. It's long and perfect for spring and summer.

This is a gorgeous tan/brown jumper. It's the perfect material for cool summer nights!

I bought this maxi dress in Bank! I know it's folded up so you can't see it, but it has the same pattern throughout the whole dress. It comes down to the floor and is amazing! It's pink, white and grey - just through a tank top over it and you get a nice Boho Biker outfit. 

Mac - Multiple - Luxor. I'm loving this beautiful very light pink stick! I can't wait to try it out tomorrow when I first put my make up on. 

I used my new John Frieda heat defense this morning - It worked okay - I'll be able to tell more with time. I used my 3 day straight - still need to wait3 days to find out the result. I'll update you all later!

Yesterday I bought Leichner Camera Clear Tinted Foundation - I've heard it's good for dry skin types, it's cheap and I've wanted tinted foundation for ages

-C xo

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