Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Hey dolls!

So I'm currently trying to sort all my make up out - I'm now in a phase where I save all my boxes for my make up so if I don't like it after using it once or twice I can sell it on to people it may work for!

I have a few days left till half term. I break up on Friday! I only have 3 hrs on Thursday and 2hrs on Friday! Wooooop. I'm just really excited because I'm getting my Fiance for the whole week, with uni and work we haven't spent the week together in what feels like forever, for the second week I'm going down to London.

I've gone on a make up bag hype recently. I've bought a single compartment bag from Fat Face and a normal multi compartment one till my multi fat face one comes so I can use it when I go to london to store my make up and use a bit of it for a wash bag

This is my single compartment Fat Face make up bag. I love it! Floral is in and this is such a cute bag to store things in. It has a surf/skate feel but has a lot of femininity at the same time.


This isn't normally my style, but I didn't want a plain one until my Fat Face one came through. This is in season and very pretty.


I love this! It's a surf aztecish look on the outside and a floral look on the inside. Sooo beautiful! 

I haven't bought any more items recently apart from deodorant today...Exciting I know. I'm actually thinking about getting Benefits The Big 10...Which is 
  • Erase Paste 
  • Benetint
  • Posietint
  • Highbeam
  • That Gal
  • Porefessional
  • Coralista 
  • Dandelion 
  • Stay put

 These are really good if you wanna try a sample before you buy the real item. Benefit's prices has high prices for what they sell.

Had an amazing day in the sun catching up - if you have a choice between maxi and a dress, pick maxi all the time!!!

-C xo

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