Saturday, 31 March 2012


Hey people!

I know I start off with the same greeting but meh! So, a lot of the items I've ordered have came through apart from the Porefessional, Eyecon and Eraser paste.

I haven't had the time to take pictures because my camera died, but here are my first impressions of

Benefit - Bella Bamba - Blusher

This product has amazing pigmentation! It comes out a very strong pink. the cover is very buildable. It has a matte finish and it also has a '3D' effect - well I don't know if it has or not but the blusher is overall very good.

Benefit - Thrrrob - Blusher

This is a barbie pink very natural blush. It has a matte finish and I think it's perfect for every day use to add a bit of colour to your cheek.

Benefit - Bluffdust - Redness Concealer

This does conceal my redness very well. Because it's a powder it also picks up on any dry patches I may have - even though I don't get many, if you don't moisturize it may be too much for your skin.

Mac - Sassed up - Blusher

This blush is a very very faint light pink with amazing gold shimmer in it. The pink is almost so faint in doesn't show up! and you're left with a  gold glitter to your cheeks. I'm pretty disappointed with the pigment of this MAC product I have to say.

Hope you're all having an amazing Easter break. I'll try post again during the week

Product I'm loving right now:-

-C xo

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