Saturday, 10 March 2012

Weekend news!

No idea why I put an explanation mark in the title, I'm not really going to say anything exciting about today, or yesterday, but I have some updates about items and news. I got woken up at 4.30am because some idiot decided to let a fire alarm off, so there I was calling the fire brigade out to sort it out.

So, right now I'm swapping my tea and coffee for cuppa soup and peppermint tea! I'm currently waiting on some news which I have 2 more days to find out, and the news determines how much caffeine I'm allowed to consume in the future.

Yeah, yummy! I'm actually running out. You only get about 4 sachets in a pack, so I need some more.

I'm loving the new bag I got on Friday. 

The bag is from H&M and it's roughly £15. It's a lovely bag and has enough room to put everything in with space. It's more a bowling bag shape.

I'm currently waiting for my first Lush product ever! It's a lip tint in Latte.  I'm also waiting for my Harrods Glossybox. I've already spoiled the surprise and found out what's in there. If they're teaming up with Harrods it must be good!

There is a possible 5 out of 15 products. I know everyone got the Burberry mini' lipstick. Can't wait to find out what I have/try them out. 

-C xo

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