Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mini Haul

Hello everyone! Still here loving London, well, not to much today! I have to pay £10 for 4 minute train ride!!  Even for London that's pretty shitty. Here is my mini haul for today, and one item I bought yesterday.


MUA Mosaic Bronzer:- I love this so much already! I tried it on as soon as I got back home. It's beautifully pigmented and comes out a natural flush colour. I will keep buying it. May have found someone to match my Accessorize's blusher! At £2.50 it's a steal.

MUA Rich Brown Eyeliner:- I wanted to get a brown eyeliner to wear during the daytime to go with my NARS eyeshadow. 

Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Angel Delight:- I wanted to try out the cream puff colours. I have Cotton Candy and Powder Puff to I decided to buy the other two.

Collection 2000 cream puff in Fairy Cake:- Same reason as the Angel Delight!

3 for £3:-

Nivea Soft:-  This is a 25ml size of my 200ml tub. I bought this so I could keep it in my bag, it's also useful for if I go away for a night or two. I can keep refilling this with the cream from my 200ml tub.

Simple facial cleansing wipes:-  I bought these to do a review on them. You only get 7 wipes so It'll only be one a day. I'll start trying them out when I get back home.

Nivea Pearl and Beauty mini spray:-  This is a 35ml spray. I bought it to keep a small spray in my bag. It's handy to have a mini version of things like spray and cream - even though you can't refill it. If you use it a few times a week it goes a long way.

Bought 10/04/12:-

Original Astral:-  I found this in our local supermarket and wanted to compare it to the Nivea brand. As you guys can probably tell, I do like Nivea a lot. 

-C xo

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