Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mum to be Gift pack.

So, yesterday I went to Argos to pick up my 'Mum to be' gift pack, which was pretty cool. You can also get a bump to baby gift pack from 27 weeks.

You get a range of leaflets and other samples in there.

I did think the pack was okay.

It had a pregnacare 10% off leaflet which also explains about other tablets they have - I found this really good as I went to Holland and Barrett and bought a pack of Pregnacare to use throughout the pregnancy - and now I have 3 more which would normally cost about £45 and it was £10.

That was the only leaflet I cared for. They also had a baby magazine with clothes and other accessorizes. A baby to bump £15 off with a minimum spend of £75

'The baby show' leaflet - which I went to and was hell on Earth!

Now for the samples!

Palmers cocoa butter massage lotion for strech marks:-

I haven't tried this out yet! I haven't got a massive bump, but I've noticed I am bigger than I was - tbh I was a size 6 before and 7stone so I'm sure I'll see a different before 12 weeks. I'm saving trying this until I get to the 12 week mark.

Fruit bowl, Fruit Flakes:-

I actually have 2 boxes of these. I have the ones with Strawberry coated in Yogurt. I love these ones though! I always carry healthy snacks like these in my bag nowadays if I get peckish. I'll post an image at the bottom of the healthy snacks I carry around with me.

Palmers skin therapy oil and cocoa butter:-

I haven't used these yet. I already have several bottles of the Cocoa butter body butter, and I have Palmers body oil, just not the stretch mark version! I so like the Palmers I already have, I will test them and try them out to see if they work.

Lansinoh nursing pads:-

You can buy 60 of these for £4 for amazon! I've heard good things about them as well. I think they're great for the price, and who wants to spend lots of money on something that stops milk leaking onto your bra/top?

These are the yummy snacks I always have in my bag just in case I feel like munching! I think it's good to carry stuff like this, or a apple/banana in your bag - If I popped into a local shop, they normally only have snacks that are full in sugar and other things that don't give the baby any benefit - you can eat sugary stuff, but I just enjoy eating these as they give me energy and I actually like the taste of them! Especially the Go ahead yogurt breaks!

-C xo

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