Friday, 6 April 2012

NARS and MAC collection

I don't have a big collection of MAC are NARS I thought I'd show you the products and tell you my thoughts!

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Mac Mineralize Blush - Dainty

I don't use this blusher often. I always steer more towards my  Accessorizes  merged baked blusher. If my Accessorizes blusher (More shine) and Benefit Thrrob (Matte) had a baby it would be this blusher. I don't know why I don't use this more often. It does have shine to it and it's got a good pigment! I'm going to London on Sunday so I shall take it with me! There isn't anything wrong with it so I may grow to love it if I wear it more.


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Mac Iridescent pressed powder - Sassed up

I love the packaging on this! It's awesome but, the colour isn't very pigmented and you get too many gold flakes for my liking! I'm thinking of selling this item. Won't be buying it again.


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NARS Duo eyeshadow - Kalahari

I love this set! I'm not sure about paying the whole price for it again - I may look for some form of dupe. I don't wear it day to day as some people do but when I do wear it I love it!


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NARS - The multiple - Luxor

This is a great product. For £30 it seems like a lot of money, but it does last. I paid £15 for mine and I have so much left. I don't think I'd need to buy another any time soon. It's just a more solid form of Benefits High Beam.


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MAC frost lipstick - Sandy B

I love the colour, but not the finish. I was a lustre or a creme finish on my lipstick. I'm currently selling this item. I want to sell it and either buy Hue or Shy Girl! I'm too obsessed with my 17 mirror shine Beehive lipstick so I'm not fussed about selling this MAC one.


I know that isn't a lot of items but I'd buy a few of them again!

-C xo

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