Thursday, 26 April 2012

Review:- Superdrugs Tea Tree Spot stick

This spot fighting stick is £2.99, only available at Superdrugs. You get 8ml of product which has lasted me a long time. It smells gorgeous. With an 'lip gloss' like sponge applicator. I'm not knowledgeable in the area of spot treatments. The last time I has a spot was 2 years ago, and it didn't really bother me - so I asked for some help from the woman who worked in the shop, and suggested this over the Freederm and Witch products. 

This has worked well so far. It doesn't inflame my spot, though it does sting when you first put it on. It has slowly reduced my spots. I bought this 2 days ago, and it's been amazing so far! I know the stinging feeling may put someone off, but it's gone after a few seconds. I'm loving this product! I haven't had spots this much (meaning 2 spots) since finding out I was pregnant. 

The gel is green and doesn't effect your skin, it hasn't inflamed my skin and hasn't made my skin green. It dries very quickly, and doesn't leave any shine to your skin once dried.

It states to use this morning and night, but I top it up in the afternoon and evening when I get home, it is great and makes me feel a lot more confident! I haven't used any type of concealer to hide them because I haven't needed to.

I did use this product as soon as I spotted that a spot was coming through, and prevented it from reaching the red and blotchy stage! After 2 days the spot is now nearly got and not noticeable. 

The packaging is sleek and easily put into any kind of bag. I'm going to keep this in my make up bag just in case one starts coming through and I know in a few days it will go! I'll write a little post on another blog to comment on if it's left any scaring - which it shouldn't! 

I'm 90% happy with this product, if only is wasn't a discomfort when you first put it on!

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