Sunday, 22 April 2012

Simple stuff

Simple cleansing facial wipes:- 
You can buy these in a pack of 25 for £1.99

There is only 7 wipes in this pack. I bought this to compare it to the Simple foaming cleaner. A lot of people think cleansers are only used for people with oily skin, but if you wear make up, you should use a cleaners! You need to use a cleaner, toner and moisturiser to help your ph levels. This are very easy to us at the end of a night or morning, just swipe and you're done. They are good for if you're going away for a weekend and you can't do without a cleaner for a few days.

Simple vital vitamin foaming cleanser:-
£4.50 for 150ml

This is the cleaner I use mainly. I don't use cleansers day to day, I use them every other day because I don't have oily skin, and I did it daily before and every cleanser I tried it made my skin dry. I do love this a lot. It makes your skin feel fresh, and very clean. I'd pick this over the wipes just for the feel it gives you! It comes out as a foam.

Simple moisturising facial wash:-
£3.50 for 150ml

Even though the cleaners cleanse your face, I bought this because it's a lot more moisturising. It's a gel that foams on your face and leaves you feeling soft and refreshed. I have this in 50ml for when I traveled to London, and 150ml for at home. I don't use this as much as the simple foaming cleaner. I actually haven't used the 150ml tube yet. Facial washes and cleaners are pretty much the same thing! I recommend them both.

Simple soothing facial toner:-
£1.35 for 50ml
£2.99 for 200ml

I actually neglect this product a lot. I don't have the full size bottle, only the 50ml one which is naughty of me as I should use toner a lot more. I have gone through half of the 50ml bottle, and I need to buy the bigger version. When I did use it, it did leave my skin feeling amazing and it helps a lot when you wear make up. I will try and keep this routine up.  

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