Saturday, 28 April 2012

Skin care products

I was always taught to not chop and change my skin care - so here is a more up to date skin care product I sometimes use post for you all. 

The toners!

Clinique's Clarifying Lotion 2
Simples skin to skin facial Toner
No7 Soft and Soothes gentle Cleaner

Since becoming pregnant, my skin has been all over the place, not deciding if it's oily, dry etc... The Clinique lotion is for people with oily skin - the simple is for sensitive and No7 is for dry. I have got 2 spots since finding out I was pregnant, so I decided if I got anymore I'd use the clinique lotion over the No7. I don't use the simple toner that often. If my skin does get very sensitive I will use it, but these are 3 tones for different skin types.

The cleansers!

Olay's Gentle cleanser wipes for normal to dry skin. 
Simple's kind to skin cleansing facial wipes

I do normally have dry skin, so I use Olay more than Simple. I do think simple is good if my skin does get really really dry and over sensitive which it doesn't do often, but it may with my hormones and blah blah blah. I use these every other day because I have a shower and wash my hair every other day so I use this in the shower........

Simple's kind to skin vital vitamin foaming cleanser

I use this when I'm in the shower over the wipes. The wipes are great when I wanna cleanse quickly before going to bed, but this really makes your face soft and hydrated.

The make up remover

Skin therapy 3 in 1

These are nothing special. They're 3 in 1. They say they cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin all in one, but I don't really believe that, but they're great for getting off make up!

 The spot remover!

Superdrug's Tea Tree Spot Stick

I have spoken about this a fair bit. I keep this with me in case I notice a spot coming through and I can sort it before it gets work. This is the first spot treatment I've used and I love it!

The moisturizers 

Nivea soft 

You may see a little pattern when you look at the picture below. I love this stuff for my face, so I decided to get the tube and try it for an all over body cream. So far so good!

Nivea soft 

This is my facial day and night moisturizer. I love it. It dries quickly and it's just amazing!

Caudalie sos thirst quenching serum 

I got this in my GlossyBox. It looks good and reminds me of the Benefit Triple performing facial emulsion -  when I bought the Benefit one the woman kept saying it puts water back into the skin. I want to test this against Benefit.

The exfoliators!

I love lemons and limes 
Soap and Glory greatest scrub of all

(Sorry you can't see S&G that well!)

I use I love... for an all over body exfoliator, and S&G for a facial exfoliator/scrub. 

I love them both. I Love... is a lovely brand. It does smell amazing but until the Soap and Glory flake away it isn't as harsh to more sensitive skin and still leaves it smooth.

-C xo

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  1. I used to use the make-up wipes, but I had such a bad reaction to them! My sister also used to use them and has no problem with them but we now both use Tesco cucumber cleansing wipes to remove our make-up and blow me down is it good! I also got the Caudalie serum in my glossy box and I'm still undecided! x