Monday, 9 April 2012

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This is basically a list of things I took to London with me that comes under the category of 'skin care.' It normally is a lot more than what I have brought, but having Easter eggs to travel with, a small case and a weeks worth of clothes....Not a lot of room was left!

Here it is, sorry but it's all Google images this time:-

Because I don't have any room for a day and night cream, so this is my day and night cream. I put it on before my make up and at night when I take my make up off.

The Greatest Scrub - by Soap and Glory. 
I use this on my nose. I have horribly big pores on my nose, and I use this to smooth it out.

Simple's Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash.

I normally use a cleanser not a facial wash. I have this in a bigger and travel size, so for space sake I decided to use the travel size bottle for a few days.

Benefit's Eyecon.

I have the sample size of this to try out for the review! I'm on day 3 now and no chances so far. It has a lot of mixed reviews so I want to see which are correct.

-C xo

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