Thursday, 12 April 2012

Soft lips - French Vanilla - Lip Balm Review

Today I popped into my local Superdrugs and I picked up this little treat for £1.90

You get 2g of product. The product is controlled by screwing - and it does look like a lot of product when you screw it all out. I love the smell of this. It's a gorgeous vanilla scent, the downside is if you lick your lips you get an off putting taste in your month.

I love the pink style on the casing. The case is very slim and can easily be slipped into a clutch or bigger bag.

It does an amazing job of prepping your lips. In a few swipes it leaves your lips soft and hydrated. It's easily applied, it does have a tingly sensation when you apply it to your lips.

It has SPF20 so it's great for summer! I find it does keep my lips moist. It is smooth, not waxy. It isn't sticky.

C xo
I do love this, but if you lick your lips the tingly sensation goes onto your tongue and down your throat..if this didn't happen I would love and continue to buy it.

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