Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hello Lovelies

So I'm feeling a bit better today.

I did have class today, but I didn't go in due to throwing up till 6am, and I just fainted myself asleep.

I had a lovely sleep though!

Today I'm trying to have my first real meal in ages, and not silly little snacks.

I'm having tuna salad and pasta! It's really hot so I didn't want to eat anything really hot.

These are gorgeous! They're hard boiled lime sweets. With my sickness, these take the edge off and when it's hot sucking something all the time keeps you a little more hydrated.

I've currently got a mini bump as well! I can tell a difference, even though others may not. I'm having a Doctor Who day! I know it's hot and I should be outside, but I don't wanna get heat stroke on top of everything else

Hope you're all enjoy your day!

-C xo

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