Monday, 28 May 2012


I've seen so many people post about Megan Fox 'What has she done to herself' 'She shouldn't be insecure...'

She has made herself look a lot older, I agree with that. 

People don't realise, insecurity isn't something that can be changed with make up and surgery. We will always find something else we dislike about ourselves. 

There's a Facebook thing going around, saying we see each ourselves 5x's more beautiful than we are...Which isn't true at all.

In order to be happy with who we are, we need to change our mental self image, not get surgery. How we see ourselves is a mental thing, we don't even see ourselves as who we actually are, so if we let our mental insecurity dictate if you should get surgery, we will never be comfortable. 

CBT (conjunction behavioral therapy) is the best way for us to grow confidence we may not have naturally. There are some people with more confidence, but they will always have something they dislike.

Please don't think surgery will make you feel better, because you need to change your way of thinking, not your body.

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