Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nearing the end...

of the month! So this means Favorites! I haven't actually done, or thought about it yet. I know there's a few things I'm loving this month, things I've re-found my love for! I will be doing my favorites after this blog, so I may pop up more than once!

Make up:-

Collection 2000 Ultimate fix - Ivory  £4.99

I bought this today...The colour looks really orange, so if you look at the image below, it's more true to colour. I've tried this out already. Personally it doesn't give me enough coverage, even when I did use powder over it.

(Swatch of Collection 2000)

Chit Chat Highlighter £1

I bought this to simply compare to Benefit and Technic. I haven't tried it yet, but the colour looks the same! 

Chocolate masque £1.10

I bought this because I've already reviewed it, and I knew it didn't do my skin any damage. I wanted to get a face mask, and I tried boots but there one burns!


Rennie Ice, Tums and Gaviscon

I know this may seem excessive, but I have a 7hr trip to London on Friday, and I wanted to buy something to stop my sickness. I've tried the Gavison today, and it took a while to work - it says to take it after meals, I normally throw up straight after, or during eating, so after meals don't help! It's the strawberry flavor and it tastes nice. I'm going to try the Tums tomorrow.


M&S lemon Cheesecake

I love, love this! I didn't think I would because it has a ginger nut bottom to it, but I really liked it.

M&S chicken noodle soup

I went into M&S to get some veg' sushi, as everywhere else has sold out of the vegetable one, but had plenty of Fish (Just my luck!) I got this instead. I like chicken soup, never had noodles with it, It was okay, I ate it without being sick - it didn't stop the sickness though!

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  1. I love the foundation! It's perfect for the winter!
    Hannah x