Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What's in my bag?

The only thing I've removed from my bag is my keys and a bottle of water

This is the front of my bag. It's from disaster designs.

Back of the bag

This is the mini bag I put the following cosmetics in. It's only a small bag.

Jack black lip balm, The body shop lip balm, 17 mirror shine in Belle

I normally keep a lot of lip products in my bag, but I tend to change them depending on what lipstick/lip gloss I'm wearing that day.

Figs and Rouge balm and Benefit boi-ing concealer

I keep the figs and balm not only for lips, but if any dryness I may have. I don't have foundation or powder with me in the day, so I keep this just in case I get any redness.

Carex grapefruit and lime hand san' and my mirror.

I don't normally have the hand san' in the mini bag.

Everything below I keep I don't keep in the poka dot bag

My note pad, pens and pencil for class

My purse from DP.

My pregnancy info - this is blurred so no one can get the info'. I have to keep this on me in case of accidents  

These are the snacks I keep in my bag. I did add these in my bag for tomorrow. They're fruity snacks. I eat something small every 2 hours to stop sickness.

Tic tac's, Smint's and Polo's. 

I take these throughout the day just to get rid of sickness. I can't have snacks in class but I tend to suck on a mint.

Ted baker body spray, Nivea mini deodorant and Charlie pink spray

I keep these just to freshen up throughout the day 

My student card, USP and paracetamol.

-C xo 

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