Sunday, 13 May 2012

Where did I go this weekend...?


I went to go see my friend at LIPA. It was my first time in Liverpool, and I loved it.

We got there midday on Saturday, and left Sunday morning.

So, what did we do?

Due to me not being able to drink, my friends were nice and we didn't end up going to the pub! We decided to go to Pizza hut, I haven't been there in years tbh. It was lovely though. 

After Pizza hut, we went to Starbucks - I had my first cup of tea since being pregnant! I know many people think you shouldn't get tea in Starbucks, but it has less caffeine in than Coffee. 

Finally we went to the cinemas to see....

It was amazing! I loved every second of it!

On the way back up to LIPA, we got some chips and tried to avoid drunk people. 

When I was on the train home, I got a call

'you left your make up bag here!'

......I wasn't so happy, but I have multiples of most stuff apart from brushes, black and brown eyeliner and collection 2000 concealer.

I decided to buy these. They were the only blush and powder left! I got to Superdrugs just as it was closing, and Boots had already sold out of brushes. :-

Barry M blusher brush.

QVS compact powder brush.

(I'll do a review of these when I use them tomorrow)

This is the product I love! I had an accident a few months ago, resulting in cracking my head open and them having to shave my hair to stitch it up. This was right on my hair line in the middle, now my hair is growing back, but it looks so weird! This holds those bits of hair to the side. I don't look good with bangs, so I'm not going to cover it up with that. 

Pretty bad and good times really. Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend.

-C xo

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