Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hey all! Hope you're enjoy the day.

I've had a great day! Even though I got up at 6am, normally I get up at 8am :S to go get a scan. My baby is due on Christmas Eve (December 24th)

I'm currently burning yankee cinnamon stick. I decided to buy 'home sweet home' today which is a lovely scent! It does make me feel a lot less sick having the candle burning not far away. It's really calming and I just love it!

This is my burner. I think it's beautiful. I did burn the outer edge as I put the candle in - I got the bigger size candle and it decided to be a pain when I put it in!

I got my first Graze box today. I'm not sure what to think about it though. Here's what I got in it:-

I've eaten the Cheddar, Red onion and Chutney thing, and it was okay. Being sick all the time, It's hard find things that don't make me feel sick. 

I'm currently eating a Belgian milk chocolate chunk cookie, and it's almost dinner time, so that's no good! m going to pop to my local shop to buy a few bits and pops - mainly veg', as you do have to eat your 4 a day while pregnant. 

I'm feeling pretty okay though. I got my exam results back, and didn't do as well as expected which my tutor hated me for. In class I always get the highest mark, and she said she thought I'd be the best in the class, but I just through it down to having a bad day. I am pretty bad in exams. I know the answers, but just nerves always get to me. I'm re-taking it in June some time so I'll be very pregnant then which is great! <- -note sarcasm. I did a practice exam today, and I got full marks! Which peeved be off even more. 

It's started to rain as well, so going to the shop isn't the best idea, but in the long run, it may be better than rushing later. 

I'm actually going to stick to doing reviews now, as I'm not buying a lot of beauty products anymore. I hope you're all doing well. I may do a review later.

Bye bye.

-C xo

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