Friday, 22 June 2012

Girl on the move.

From the image above I'm guessin' you know what the weather is like right now...
It's been raining and very windy all day! I really did look like I was reenacting a scene from Mary Poppins with how windy it is!

I am going to London tomorrow! Yay! Hopefully they're having better weather than us. I've tried a lot of products recently, and I don't know if I should take them, or use what I've used in the past and the things I know work. 

I will be doing a 'what's in my travel make up bag' post later today, once I decide what to put in it

I am only taking a small bag that I'm carrying to fit all my stuff in. I'm only going for 5 days, so mix and match time with the clothing! 

That's it for now. More updates later!


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