Tuesday, 5 June 2012

London make up bag

Hey Lovelies. I know I haven't posted for awhile. I haven't really done anything since returning to London. The trip down was a nightmare. My Morning sickness turned to motion sickness.

I was going to post my London travel make up before I left, but I was too busy.  I've also managed to leave my camera at home, so all these images are from 'Google Images'

So, here's what's in my travel make up bag!

The Porefessional Sample size - Benefit

There's been a chance for you to grab this sample size in Glamour Magazine, but I bought mine on Ebay ages ago to try it out before I bought the full version.

'That gal' Sample size - Benefit 

This is a sample I got from Glamour Magazine in case the Porefessional ran out. This is perfect for travel. I can't say it's worth the money, because I've used better than this, and Porefessional!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

I Love this foundation. It's perfect for me. If I want light make up, I use this alone, to add more coverage I mix with Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, and for more coverage, use powder. I tend to use this, Healthy Mix and Powder because I do like more coverage, but it looks very natural at the same time. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I love this Foundation. It's my favorite High Street Foundation. I mix this in with Chanel. It's one shade lighter than my Chanel foundation, and it adds more coverage.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

I favor this concealer over all the high end concealers I own. I think it's perfect, though it doesn't last me 16hrs, not even half that time! It all depends what I'm doing that day.

Collection 2000 Shine away compact powder

I do love this powder. It's the perfect colour for my skin, but it doesn't last as long as I'd like. I am trying to find a new powder for summer, though the ones I've tried are very chalky! I'm so temped to try Bare Minerals compact powder. We shall see if I do though.

Benefit Dandelion Blush

I love this blush! It's a perfect colour for me.I normally use this, and some Natural Collection Peach Melba Blush, which looks beautiful together, but the night before leaving, I dropped it, and it cracked...I couldn't find my back my Melba blush.

Mac mineralize Skin Finish in Redhead

This is a gorgeous High lighter, it's also the only Mac product I like. It's so lovely, but I don't think you can buy it anymore, which is a shame. 

Benefit Bad Gal Lash

I got this travel sample size in Glamour Magazine. I really like it! I wouldn't but the bigger size, as it doesn't do what less expensive mascaras may do, but it's good for the weeks that I'm in London.

NARS Kalahari Eyeshadow duo 

I don't often wear eyeshadow. This is a 'just in case' product. I don't wear it daily. I only wear it if I wanna jazz up my eyes a bit.

The Body Shop Lip Scuff

This is a great alternative for the Lush Lip Scrub. I love this product! It works just as well as the lip scrub, and it's great for people who don't want to put their fingers in jars.

The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm

This is a lovely lip balm. It leaves your lips so soft. I always have it with me. I wish it had SPF in it so I could wear it all year round.

The Body Shop lip and cheek stain

I use this for my lips over my cheeks. I hate using this on lips. I favor this over Benetint, or any other lip stain because most of them come in a nail varnish designed bottle and it's so easy for them to spill everywhere.

Topshop Lipstick in Innocent

I love this lipstick! You may have seen it in my Favorites post. I haven't really worn it yet because I haven't really been out, and when I don't go out, I don't put make up on.

-C xo

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