Thursday, 21 June 2012

Urban Decay - Dew Me Review.

Skindinavia paired up with Urban Decay to make a selection of Make up setting sprays.

They have a spray for whatever skin type you are. 'Dew Me,' is for people with drier skin. 'De Slick,' for people with oily skin, and 'All Nighter Long Lasting,' for normal skin.

I bought the 'Dew me' as it's perfect for my skin type.
This product is around £20. I honestly don't think it's worth £20. 
I think the packaging is very tacky on all the setting sprays. 

You apply this product by shaking, holding 8" - 10" away, and spray 2 - 4 times. I always spray in a cross motion to cover all my face. 

The spray is very light weight. At first there is a slight smell, but it's gone in a second. It hasn't irritated my sensitive skin at all.

This product does last a long time, it's meant to last for 16hrs, but it only lasted about 10. My make up holds for this long without the setting spray and I don't feel it's very moisturising. I'd love if they made one with a higher SPF. They do have a spray called Guardian Angel with SPF 8 in it, and it's also meant to be moisturising. I haven't seen this in the UK at all!

I wouldn't buy this again, yes, it does what it says, but I think I'll stick with The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist, as it sets my make up, is a lot cheaper and has a lot more benefits for my skin.

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