Thursday, 26 July 2012

Baby Post - Bump Pic', Clothing and Food.

Hello, Lovelies. So I'm currently 18w, 3d's pregnant! Here's my before, and after bumpy picture!

I honestly love my lil bumpy, and I'm not missing what my body used to look like tbh.


The thing I'm very bad at stopping buying clothes for the baby. I won't find out what I'm having till the 3rd, but I've bought so much, here are some things, in single, and group shots;

I have far too many girl stuff, an acceptable about of neutral stuff, and not enough boy stuff.


Jacket Potato, lettuce and mayo - My normal lunch.

Cadbury's Fingers and milk - a cheeky snack.

Vegetable Sushi Snack - Lunchtime Treat

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