Sunday, 29 July 2012



Ted Baker Origami Body Spray  (Travel Size)
L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets - Lip Glow
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in 52
The Body Shop - Born Lippy in Raspberry

Ted Baker;

I love the smell of this body spray! I bought this to use when I'd go to London. It's a small size and it's perfect for travel. I've fallen in love with the spray. It's only 50ml, bought at Boots for £2.50, you can buy the 150ml for £5, so you'd get a better deal buying the 150ml bottle. I'm going to buy the bigger bottle, and keep the other one and fill it up for when I travel.

L'Oreal Paris;

I love this lip glow! I keep apply it so I get a natural pinkness to my lips. It gives your lips a lovely natural glow as well, which is perfect for everyday, and due to the pinkness of the colouring, it's perfect for summer. I've worn this every day it's been sunny and it makes me feel so confident without the worry of getting lipstick on my lips. If you apply it a few times, you can intense the colour. 


This concealer is something I've overlooked time and time again. I keep going back to other things because it doesn't do enough concealing, since I've been pregnant, my eyes have been terrible, and I use this with another concealer I pick that day.

The Body Shop;

This lip balm is lovely! It makes my lips feel so hydrated. I use this on the days that aren't as sunny, due to it not having any SPF. It isn't sticky but it makes your lips look great, natural and glowing. I'd keep buying this, though I wish it had SPF in it.

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