Monday, 9 July 2012

Neutrogena Multi-defence Daily Moisturiser - Review

With the weather being all over the place, I saw this product last week and thought 'Heaven!' My mum has always said she's fond of Neutrogena products, so I thought I'd pop my Neutrogena cherry and try this product.


'A nourishing moisturiser, which hydrates skin all day long and strengthens its natural defences. For complete protection from 5 major daily aggressors; sun, heat, cold and wind.' SPF 25, UVA + UVB

About this product

This product comes in a plastic clear bottle. The product is dispensed with a pump, which doesn't squirt too much of the product out, so pumping out too much isn't an issue. The product comes out white, and is a thin cream. It sinks into the skin very quickly, and doesn't irritate skin. It does have a scent to it, but it's fragrance free. 

What I think

I do like this product. It doesn't state what skin types it's for, but I feel it's more for people with normal skin. It doesn't hydrate my skin as much as I'd like. It is thin just like my Nivea soft cream, but I don't feel like it has the same effect. This cream isn't for oily or very dry skin, though it's meant to be for all skin types, some people with dry skin may get away with it. It hasn't helped my skin, nor has it made it worse. This cream may have benefits I can't see, but I've tried other creams that I have physically see a change that I'd pick over this one. I may use it in the future, but for now I won't. I won't be buying this product again.

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