Sunday, 19 August 2012

Craving - Eye Creams;

Even though my little one isn't born yet, and I'm not up all night and knackered during the day, just being pregnant can make you knackered. I haven't had a full night sleep since being pregnant, and waking up anywhere between 4am - 9am it's having an effect on my eyes.

Right now I'm just using concealer to cover these problems. I have tried S&G (Soap and Glory) Supereyes, Supereyes, but that didn't work. Right now I'm craving a few things that may help my eyes like;

  • F.A.B - Detox Eye Roller - £18
  • Provenance - Solutions Dark Circle Eye Cream - £13
  • The Body Shop - Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo - £11
  • This Works - Perfect Eye Recovery Cream - £24
  • Origin GinZing - £21
  • Clinique - All About Eyes 
I have a few concealers in my make up bag, so I'm ready in case my eyes are worse one day. Recently I just use my Garnier Eye Roll On that's tinted. I will keep you all updated. The first thing I intend to buy is the F.A.B Detox Eye Roller.

Note:- I'm sorry for not posting as often as usual. I've just moved, and tomorrow I'm going away for a few days so I won't be updating for a while.

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