Thursday, 30 August 2012

F.A.B Detox Eye Roller Intro';

This product is now on sale from £18 to £14.40 on the 'site sale.

I don't have really bad lines or really dark circles, but my under eyes are getting darker, and I have faint lines. I thought I'd try some creams before they get worse! 

I've wanted to buy this product for a while, and with the sale on I was more than happy to try it.

As you can tell you apply this product with a metal ball. The liquid inside is clear. You have to shake this bottle well (as instructed with most products) and apply it twice under the eye area.

It comes in a glass contained which makes it feel a lot more expensive, as we all know, a lot of the price goes towards the advertising and what the product comes in, rather than the liquid itself.

I've only used this once, but it felt really nice. It did make my eyes feel refreshed, and it didn't sting or cause any irritation where other eye products have.

It dries clear, without shine. It didn't dry out under my eyes, and left under my eyes lovely and soft. It takes a few minutes to settle into your skin, and after that it's easy to apply any concealer or foundation.

I'm going to keep using this product and update you every week on my eye cream journey. 

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