Saturday, 25 August 2012

Leichner's Camera Clear Tinted Foundation Review

Even though I was on project pan, I wanted to find a tinted moisturiser for my holiday to give me a natural look, I came across this. Leichner's Camera Clear Tinted Foundation.

This review will show you how unimpressed I am with this whole product!

I had such a hard time when buying this online, as the shade range is very odd. I went for Porcelain, after getting the WRONG colour all together due to normally having to buy the lightest shade in other foundations. You won't find colour lighter than the Porcelain, but even this is too dark for fair skinned people.

When I first bought this online, I saw this chart to give you a guide line to what colour is best suited for you.  This is a very poor guide to pick the shade.

Here's a better one that I wish I had seen;

This shows you, even Porcelain is a darker shade than I was expect it to be.

When I bought this product, I expect it to be lovely and light texture, I was wrong.

This is the thickest tinted moisturiser I've ever seen. I applied it to my face, and it dried out my skin straight away.

It made my skin feel so cloggy, and I just had to get it off my face! It made my face feel so heavy and uncomfortable.

This is luckily only £5, but I would advise all NOT to buy it. It's really the worse thing I've used in a very long time. 

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  1. I would like to say I use this product & think it is great for a cheap day to day foundation. (not a tinted moisturizer)