Sunday, 16 September 2012

Collection 2000 - BB Cream Review

Collection 2000 BB Cream - Normal price is £5.99, intro price £3.99

First off, I'm just going to say this is NOT a BB cream. This is more a tinted moisturiser than a BB cream. It doesn't provide any coverage at all.

This is however, perfect for dry skin, I say it's perfect because it's very hydrating, to the point your face is oily. It's like a heavy duty moisturiser that doesn't settle into your skin. You do have to powder your face after using this to get rid of the shine.

It does have a nice smell to it, not to normal 'make up' smell, which no one likes. It only comes in to shades (for now I hope) light, and medium. I purchased the light because, it simply suited my skin tone better.

I would never buy this again, simply because even on a good skin day where I'd happy just apply a tinted moisturiser, this is too greasy for me, and I'd have to apply a powder, which doesn't take 2 seconds, though, for people with dry skin, powder isn't normally your friend. 

There isn't anything I really liked about this product. I know it's cheap, but I'd rather pay that bit more and have something I'd actually use.

I would never buy this again, and this is a product I am very disappointed with. 

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