Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Updates and beauty caving.

Hey everyone!

Sorry for my lack of posts recently. I've been more busy than usual with moving around. Trying to write blogs on a netbook wasn't fun and it decided to mess around every time I tried to upload blog pictures.

I'll be up writing blogs in my normal fashion very soon! Tonight I'll update you all on how the FAB Detox Eye Roller is doing! I must say I am loving it.

I'll be up doing reviews on the Little black dress perfume, as well as other things!

Yesterday I caved and bought the Korress Lip Butter in Wild rose (See below)

I cannot wait to get this beauty and try it! Even though it wasn't 'a lot' of money, it's on my list of things I can only buy from selling other make up items. Yesterday I sold both my Chanel Aqua's in b20, and bought this, and a Chanel in b10 - as I've been pregnant, I've got very pale thus needing to change all colours on my foundation (I've kept one just in case I need it for summer next year). 

More uploads later!

-C xo

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  1. That Korres product looks amazing! I am a big fan of this brand!
    XOXO and keep up the great work on your blog!