Friday, 5 October 2012

Lack o' Interest;

Recently I've had such a massive lack of interest in writing the blog. I don't know if it's because I'm gradually getting bigger (currently 28+4 weeks) or of it's because I know it'll just get harder as the baby comes along. I still love getting new products, and thinking about my reviews, but I've had no inspiration. 

Even writing the normal blogs like monthly favorites and 'Loving, Hating, Trying and Craving' is seeming too much for me to do. I get half way through a blog, and just end up saving it without wanting to write more of it in the future. 

I think starting videos would be so much easier for me, but due to living back in a full house of people, I'd never get the time or space. 

What I used to love, and crave doing has now become something that I just find no passion in. I know there are reasons why, but those reasons are not things that can be helped. When I was living alone, and finished a day of work I used to love coming online and writing as my escape, now it's so much harder to get peace, privacy and time alone, it's become something that I dislike.

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